Sensitization programme on ‘BAR CODING’

Sensitization programme on ‘BAR CODING’

organised jointly by

Goa State Industries Association

MSME-DI, Margao, Goa
27th February, 2009 at 2.00 p.m. at GSIA Conference hall.

SENSITIZATION PROGRAMME ON BAR CODING is a ½ day programme organised jointly by MSME-DI, Margao and Goa State Industries Association on 27th February, 2009(Friday) at 2.00 p.m. at GSIA Conference Hall, 4th Floor, Goa-IDC House, Patto Plaza, Panaji-Goa for the benefit of Micro, Small, Medium & Large Enterprises / Entrepreneurs in Goa.

Bar Coding is a series of parallel vertical lines (bars and space), that can be read by bar code scanners. It is used worldwide as part of product packages, as price tags, carton labels, on invoices even in credit card bills and when it is read by scanners.

1)By getting Bar Code registration useful for better marketing & Exports.
2)Easy for inventory control.
3)Subsidy available on expenses made on Bar Coding registration.
4)Recurring fees for registration for 3 years available.

1)What is Bar Code.
2)Why to adopt Bar Code.
3)What are the benefits.
4)Bar Code reimbursement mechanism.

Registration fee: Rs. 100/- per participant. Max. in take 35 persons on first come first serve basis.

You are requested to confirm your participation / nominate your representative for this programme and benefit from the learnings. We look forward to your participation.

GSIA : 0832- 2438395 / 2438210 or
MSMEDI, Margao: 0832- 2705093/ 2705092.

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