Commercial Taxes Department (CTD), Government of Goa is using the e-governance system known as VATsoft with the software support from NIC Goa. Using VATsoft, the CTD is effectively maintaining the documents of the VAT dealers so that the department can provide better services to the dealers as and when required by the Government and dealer. This also helps both Department and dealer to build mutual trust and confidence in carrying out their activities.

To further improve the faith and confidence between the business community and the department, the department has proposed to build a web-based system for e-filing of documents by the dealers. Most of them have welcomed this move and expressed their willingness to make use of this facility to submit the documents.

In this context, CTD has requested NIC to develop an e-filing system for VAT related activities. After going through the requirements, NIC has developed the system, called as the ‘VAT-eFS – VAT e-Filing System’.

National Informatics Centre (NIC), Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication & IT, Government of India, is a premier organization in the field of Information Technology and provides state-of-the-art solutions to the information management, dissemination, e-Governance and decision support requirements of the Government. NICNET, with its Nationwide Network of state-of-the-art technology, computers, communication equipments and expert IT specialists, is well rooted and functioning at all Districts, State / Union Territory Capitals and Central Government and helping information exchange of vital nature. With its Master Earth Station at New Delhi, micro earth station nodes have been established in all the State Capitals, District Head Quarters and selected commercial centers.

The broad range of services being provided by NIC includes system study, design, coding, testing, training, implementation, software maintenance and hand holding support. NIC has designed and developed a number of e-governance systems for the Government of Goa, which includes VATsoft for Commercial Taxes, Treasury for Directorate of Accounts, Municipal Administration software for all Municipalities / City Corporation, Dharani for Land Records, Directorate of Accounts Computerization, Vaahan and Saarathi for Transport offices, CIPA for police stations, Court system, FMS for Secretariat and Government Departments and maintaining the websites, etc. VAT-eFS : VAT e-filing system CTD User Manual NIC-GSC-VATeFS-UM01 Ver 1.0 NIC Page 3 of 26

Commercial Taxes Department is happy to introduce VAT e-filing system for the VAT dealers of Goa. E-filing is an internet/web based system, where in the dealers can submit important documents of VAT to CTD.

In this system, dealers can submit the details of Quarterly Returns, purchase invoices, sale invoices and CST statutory forms. They can also view various documents/records maintained by the department. The dealers have a provision to enter directly the document or upload the files from their system.

TIP: In case of any problem, please contact PRO – Phone. No-2229225

Entering and submitting the VAT documents through VAT e-filing system will benefit the dealers. The CTD will be able to process the request for issue of fresh CST statutory forms faster when the dealers submit the utilization & receipt reports of CST statutory forms on efiling system. In respect of submission of purchase and sale invoices, the system validates the TINs of both the seller and the buyer from the departmental dealer master and tells about the invalid TIN’s of purchaser/seller. This avoids unnecessary queries from the Departmental officers while conducting audit and inspection.

The system will also display details of pending documents/payments of a dealer so that the dealer can take appropriate steps to avoid penalty and interest. Proper and in-time submission of documents through VAT e-filing system would avoid taking up audit and inspection work by the department in most cases.

This system helps the department to check the records of the dealers without asking them repeatedly to produce it before the officers of the department. The e-filing system has been designed and developed in such a way that it helps the dealers to view their records maintained and processed by the department.


Visit http://goacomtax.gov.in
Click on”e-Service” link
Click on the “Create an Account” button.
Enter your TIN
(System will display the basic details)
Enter other details and submitting
(DCT will post you the User Account details)

Visit http://goacomtax.gov.in
Click on “e-Service” Link
Log on to the system using your User Name & Password
Select “ Filing of Returns” option for file your Return

Visit http://goacomtax.gov.in
Click on “e-Service” Link
Log on to the system using your User Name & Password
Select “ Request Forms” option to obtain Statutory Forms

visit http://goa.gov.in
Create an User Account (by registering once)
Log on to the system using your User Name & Password
Select the type of tax for payment.

All dealers are requested to avail this facility for filing returns for the first quarter of 2010-2011

For more information Visit http://goacomtax.gov.in

This facility is presently available only for VAT & CST.

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