Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme (LMCS) is implemented under National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme for the benefit of MSME’s. The objective of the scheme is to enhance the manufacturing competitiveness of MSME’s through the application of Lean Manufacturing (LM) techniques. The general approach involves engagement of Lean Manufacturing Consultant (LMC) to work with selected MSME’s in the chosen CLUSTERS with financial support from the Government.

Objectives of Lean Manufacturing Scheme.
The objectives of the scheme are to increase the competitiveness of MSME sector through the adoption of LM techniques with the objectives of :Reducing wasteIncreasing ProductivityIntroducing innovative practices for improving overall competitivenessInculcating good management systems, andImbibing a culture of continuous improvement.

Coverage and Eligibility
The Scheme is open to all MSME’s. The units are required to form a Mini Cluster (MC) of 10 or so units by signing among themselves a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to participate in the scheme. MC’s are required to formalize their association by forming a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) like a trust, private limited company or a society.

What is a Cluster?
Cluster can be broadly defined as a group of industries who partner together for the purpose of improving their performance through mutual learning and sharing.
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