Official Gazette — Govt. of Goa
Series I, No. 24, 15th September, 2011
Notification 3/40/2003-Ind (part)
Whereas vide Notification No. 3/40/2003—IND (Part) dated 31-12-2008 published in the Official Gazette Series I No. 42 dated 15-1-2009. The Government of Goa notified the “Preferential Purchase Incentives to Micro and Small Enterprises Scheme, 2008”. And whereas the Government of Goa deems it expedient to amend the said scheme as follows:—
1. Short title and commencement.—
(1) This Scheme may be called the “Preferential Purchase Incentives to Micro and Small Enterprises (Amendment) Scheme, 2011”.
(2) It shall come in force from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
2. Amendment of clause 5.— In clause 5 of the “Preferential Purchase Incentives to Micro    and Small Enterprises Scheme, 2008”, (hereinafter referred to as the “Principal Scheme”).
(i)     the clause 5 is substituted, namely:—
     “5. Eligibility.— Only those Micro & Small Enterprises having turnover not exceeding Rs. 10 crores per annum for the preceding 3 financial  years and acknowledged with Entrepreneurs Memorandum Part-II by the Director of Industries, Trade and Commerce   shall be eligible for the benefit under this scheme”. This has been issued with the concurrence of Finance (Exp.) Department vide their U. O.   No. 1417320 dated 17-6-2011.
By order and in the name of the
Governor of Goa.
Hanumant T. Toraskar, Under Secretary (Industries).
Porvorim, 8th September, 2011.
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