Official Gazette No. 29,
Series II, 20thOctober 2011
Notification No. 3/38/2010-IND

Whereas, the Government of Goa vide Notification No. 3/38/2010-IND dated 24-8-2010 and subsequent re-constitution notified vide Notification No. 3/38/2010-IND dated 2-11-2010, a Task Force Committee under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Industries), Government of Goa, is constituted in order to study and identify the underutilized and unutilized plots in the various Industrial Estate of the Goa Industrial Development Corporation.
2. And whereas, the aforementioned Task Force Committee vide its report dated 22-7-2011 titled ‘Task Force Committee (TFC) Report’ has submitted its comprehensive report to the State Government along with its findings and recommendations.
3. And whereas, the Government of Goa has approved the aforementioned report of the Task Force Committee along with its findings and recommendations.
4. And whereas, the Task Force Committee in its aforementioned report has recommended for the constitution of ‘Screening and Review Committee’ with a specific mandate so as to bring objectively and transparency in the matters concerning allotment/transfers/revocation, etc. in respect of the Industrial plots of the Goa Industrial
Development Corporation.
5. Now therefore, in view of the above facts, the Government of Goa hereby constitutes a Screening and Review Committee comprises of the following composition:
1. Secretary (Industries)                       ,…Chairperson.
Government of Goa
2. Director, Directorate of                    … Member.
Industries, Trade and Commerce
3. President, Goa Chamber of               … Member.
Commerce and Industries
or his representatives
4. President, GoaState                        … Member.
Industries Association or
his representatives
5. Chairman, Confederation of            … Member.
Indian Industries (CII) Goa
Council or his representatives
6. President, Institute of                    … Member.
Chartered Accounts of
India, Goa Chapter or
his representatives
7. Shri Parag Joshi                           … Member.
8. Shri Blaise Costabir                     … Member.
9. Shri Sanjiv Kerkar                       … Member.
10. Managing Director, Goa             … Member
Industrial Development Convenor.
Corporation, Panaji-Goa
6. Special Invitees as Members
The Chairman/Committee may invite any person/individual as a special invitee member to attend any meeting or for any visits/inspections, etc.
7. The Terms of Reference of the Screening & Review Committee are as follows:
(a) The Committee shall review the existing plots which are “underutilized” and ‘unutilised’ belonging to the various parties and recommended to the Goa Industrial Development Corporation/Government of Goa, the course of action for each of these cases. The frequency of such review shall be atleast one or two industrial estates per month and shall submit a formal report of all Industrial Estate subsequent to the completion of the review within a period of 30 days of completion of entire review exercise.
(b) The Committee shall undertake the ‘Policy Review’ on modus operandi of plots allocation, plots revocation and plot re-allotment along with the ‘Policy Review’ on the awards/Penalties for industries startup and shall submits its recommendations to the Government within 45 days of completion of this exercise.
(c) The ‘Screening & Review Committee’ shall be empowered to summon the applicants/ allottees/lease holders of land before the Committee so that the Committee can assess objectively the genuineness of the unit’s intention to startup an industrial activity in the land allotted/to be allotted/ /to be transferred to them.
(d) Screen all land allotments, transfers and revocations so that the Board of Directors of Goa Industrial Development Corporation is given a fair and merit based recommendation for a final approval of all cases.
(e) Advise the Board of Directors of Goa Industrial Development Corporation into reforming and streamlining the current procedures in all matters of land allotments, transfers and revocations such that they are made objective and transparent.
(f) Screen all the existing applications pending with Goa Industrial Development Corporation and draw up an updated waiting list.
(g) Screen all the applications for transfer of the existing plots.
(h) Screen all such allotment of plots wherein the allottees have not started commercial production as on 1st January, 2011, to verify their compliances to the terms of allotment.
(i) Screen all the incoming new applications for land allotment from time to time and allot them waiting list number once they fulfill the laid down criteria based on the current Goa Industrial Development Corporation guidelines in force.
(j) Screen all the plots being currently utilized for commercial/non-industrial application (e.g. trading, warehousing).
(k) Review the current pricing of land in the various Industrial Estates and recommend immediate as well as progressive review from time to time to the GIDC Board so as to discourage speculative buying/hoarding.
(l) Draw up a policy to facilitate reutilization of the closed industrial units including those attached by the Banks/Financial Institutions.
(m) Draw up progressive policy recommendations from time to time to discourage speculative buying/hoarding.
 (n) Draw up progressive policy recommendations from time to time to encourage SMEs, expansion of existing units and non-polluting hi-tech units with proven
track record.
(o) Draw up a policy for levy of non-occupancy charge for units which are holding lands
with vacant sheds without starting commercial activity.
(p) Receive and address complaints if any, from the entrepreneurs and submit the
findings to the Board of GIDC.
(q) Submit findings on any other matter referred to it by the Government, Directorate of Industries, Trade & Commerce or Goa Industrial Development Corporation.
8. The Goa Industrial Development Corporation shall be nodal agency for the purpose and shall provide all the necessary assistance to the Screening and Review Committee in respect of arrangement for visits to the Industrial Estates, meetings of the Task Force Committee, Secretarial Assistance, etc.
9. The Committee will start functioning with immediate effect. The Committee shall meet atleast once a month.
10. The members shall be entitled for TA/DA as per the Rules. All costs of meetings, visits, TA/DA, etc. shall be borne by the Goa Industrial Development Corporation.
By order and in the name of the Governor of Goa.
Hanumant T. Toraskar, Under Secretary

                                                                                               Porvorim, 10th October, 2011.
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